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From Saline, MI to Boulder, CO we clean it all Atlanta, Georgia - This suburban Atlanta home had been painted 3 times in it's life. The owners wanted to restore it to the natural brick that was hidden beneath all those layers of paint.

They were very happy to run across our web site. After calling and talking to the owner they were confident that Scrub A Home could solve their dilema and restore the building to it's original brick beauty. Historical Brick house had been painted many times over.

Paint on brick presents a great challenge for removal, brick is pourus and often soft so great care must be used not to damage the brick.

First, meticulous care is used to cover and mask the windows and delicate parts of the home.

Scrub A Homes own SAHI 15 Formula is applied to the facade.

The homeowners took pride in the lanscape that surrounded this home. They soon learned that their confidence in Scrub A Home was well placed, the effort the team put forth to protect their precious greenery from exposure was an act of people that care about results and pleasing the customer.

Fortunately this home was hard brick and the results were almost instant with Srcub A Home's own SAHI-15 formula. Humor and Pride of the Scrub Team.


The grafitti style demonstration was more than an example of pride and sense of humor, the Scrub A Home intials cut through the paint in one pass, with no damage to the brick, a fitting testament to the unique formulas used by Scrub A Home.


The mortar residual from the original construction could be removed with an additional application of SAHI-15.


The spots left on the back of this spacious home are the result of mortar that was left behind in the orginal construction of the home.

That mortar could be removed with additional application of SAHI-15.

Restored to is original beauty.

This home is part of a home owners association and is one of many that had been painted through out the years. The association was pleased with the results and we're sure Scrub A Home will be making a trip to the Peach State again soon.


Scrub A Home is the largest, most respected, and trusted Structural Cleaning Company in Michigan. We got that way by taking pride in our work and stressing quality and great customer relations.

We are the company to call when a Job Done Well is important to you...

Scrub A Home - We are the solution!

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Boulder, CO  ~  Detroit, MI

cleaning painting paint removal agriculture commercial brick concrete wood

cleaning painting paint removal agriculture commercial brick concrete wood

cleaning painting paint removal agriculture commercial brick concrete wood

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